Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel

We invite your team, business partners and employees on a journey through regional Poland.

Incentive Travel?


“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, sometimes the most valuable thing is just around the corner, it is great that one is proud of the region they come from.


We recreate traditions, experiencing „time travel” acquiring new skills from passionate people.


We travel slowly, without rush, contemplating the moment, we experience, we make sure that this journey is a relaxation for you, words slow and hygge are not only hashtags in our posts but inspirations to our traveling philosophy.


Regional restaurants, baskets full of fresh products, seasonal dishes, traditional recipes and common ecocooking.

Ecofriendly and sustainable development

We work with local suppliers, we serve meals based on local products, during picnics we use biodegradable dishes and cutlery, thanks to intuitive application we do not print travel materials.

The atmosphere is created by people

We choose the places where you will feel like at old friends home, the host talks with engagement and is a soul of the place you visit. We work with enthusiasts for whom folk and small homeland are pride.


Poland offers enormous potential that is worth utilizing when planning incentive trips, company meetings or conferences.

Poland thanks to its geographical location offers great variety, well-organized hotel and conference based programs, and a multitude of attractions. With access to the Sea up in the North, throughout beautiful landscapes of the lake districts. Mountains down the Southern region. Poland has it all. Everyone heard about Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw … but our offer goes further. We see the great potential of Polish regions and propose incentive trips beyond the already known paths, going deep into the country.With 4 different season all year round is great to visit!

It will be our pleasure to welcome you:

  • at polish vineyards and breweries for tastings, picnics, courses or grape harvesting
  • at polish castles, stay in them at least for a while, experience an exciting adventure f.e. fly a balloon,
  • on mountain trails, in the less known areas to spend the night in an interesting agrotourism, try local cuisine, bake bread or make dumplings with the hosts, go picking mushrooms and fishing,
  • at mysterious underground tunnels or mines,
  • we invite you to meet local artists,
  • we encourage you to have a picnic with full of local specialties.

Apart of sophisticated and carefully selected hotels and conference venues we offer unconventional ones such as:

  • post-industrial facilities converted into hotels and conference rooms
  • museum and exhibition buildings,
  • open-air museums, modern agrotourism
  • modern technology or science centers
  • theater or concert facilities.
  • castles, palaces and manors

The whole program will topped with a range of different ice breakers and team building activities:

  • an interesting activity program taking into account the culture, tradition and nature of the visited region
  • inspiring city game,
  • workshops, private performance,
  • a motivating meeting with elements of local art, culture and cuisine.

We will be able to recommend top restaurants serving both traditional and modern cuisine. You will be invited to special venues  which, through their recipes, refer to the history of the visited place. A culinary adventure with street food is also an interesting proposal.


By taking part in our specially selected workshops we want you and your Guest to feel inspired, integrated with passionate people who give you opportunity to learn new skills.
Polka travel offers a full range of possibilities in various parts of Poland.

Way to awaken your creative inner child

We invite you to take part in painting ceramics, decorating porcelain, glass engraving workshop, making natural cosmetics, sommelier courses in a Polish vineyard, classes with a beekeeper, creative graffiti classes in urban space, building a boat together, culinary meetings around apples, plums, farm cheese, grape picking and mushroom picking. All of the above are just some of the many inspiring workshops we have found for you in various parts of Poland. Come with a hunger for knowledge and a desire to acquire new skills and leave with full of positive emotions.

Focus on people- Creative integration

There is no better way to get to know your Clients/ partners/ co-workers than to take part in a shared experience such a city or field game possibly around your company’s branding. It allows to strengthen your team’s morale, discover more about your partners and warm up your already existing relation. Great way to network and to find out more: who’s a leader, who is a team player, you need them all in your team!

When in Rome do as Romans do

By choosing Poland as an incentive trip destination you will be given an opportunity to learn more about this part of Europe. Geographically Poland sits exactly where the West meets the East.It is also an idea for CSR in Poland through activities aimed at preserving regional traditions. By participating in the workshops, you learn new skills, have a great time and, in addition, promote local crafts and invest in the local community! It is a wise and valuable combination of needs.

Familiar aromas
For ages Poles were known for being self-sufficient. We offer creative culinary classes with the use of polish produce, such as plum, apple, strawberry, honey and mushrooms.During the workshops, you can sink aromatic plums in hot chocolate, bake an apple pie whilst sipping calvados, take part in a wine tasting panel or more actively, e.g. in grape harvest.These are just some of our suggestions. All workshops are aimed at building awareness of the value of the Polish local product, learning how to use it in everyday life, networking through fun and joint activities, learning healthy eating and getting to know Polish regions through the product and its history.

Unleash your potential by painting with ecological ceramic paints, decorating porcelain according to traditional patterns. Become an Alchemist by creating your own bath oils, or be a perfect “host” by exploring the art of arranging a table that would impress anyone including your in laws.We offer glass engraving classes under the master’s supervision, a very unique and rare experience.Each class is connected with stories about the history of craftsmanship in the region. Thanks to this, we not only trigger creativity in the team, but also support local customs.

Street art ? We got it covered

Once considered as vandalism, street art is now turned into something positive, something that encourages not only young people in taking care of their surroundings without losing the “ youthful spirit and fun”.

We will revive the city’s architecture by arranging the space and you have a chance to really impact and influence the city’s image.

These are interesting, wildly colorful workshops. And there is no harm if you get dirty.


Invite your Guests to design hotels or modern eco hut.

Polka Travel will organize a conference in an unconventional place, we will take care of attractions that will integrate the team and surprise the Guests.
We will create an atmosphere which allows business talks, giving you a sense of security and relaxation.

We have travelled through Poland in search of the best accommodation facilities for your event.

We constantly check the preparation of facilities in terms of safety and compliance with sanitary requirements.

We offer you only those facilities that meet the requirements of the sanitary regime to give you a piece of mind.



modern eco hut

Regardless of the region, we offer accommodation in castles, palaces and manors. Beautifully restored interiors ranging from ancient to modern ones, offer well-equipped conference and banquet rooms. The stay will be complemented by the possibility of using the spa or enjoying the sophisticated cuisine.

Most of the investments were created thanks to the involvement of Polish capital, out of a passion for saving historically valuable objects.


Our geographical location and rich cultural heritage of the influence of the East and West are reflected on the table.
Another great way to promote the loyalty of both, customers and workers, promote the values associated to the company, connect departments or promote and reward the achievement of sales targets.

Each region has its own flagship dishes and basic ingredients referring to history and tradition. A journey along culinary routes through Kashubia, Kujawy, Greater Poland, Podlasie, Silesia and Podkarpacie can become a real gastronomic adventure based on searching for local flavors in order to discover the rich multicultural history of our country also reaching back to the borderland, Tatar and Jewish traditions. We propose to discover local cuisine with all its ethnic and historical richness that enriches the local community and deepens its sense of identity.

During our trips through Poland, we will observe a return to pre-war roots, recipes and culinary diversity of Polish dishes. Many young talented chefs draw handfuls from our tradition, use modern opportunities, often based on the experience gained abroad, introduce our gastronomy to the way of modernity, creating Polish cuisine of the 21st century. Other restaurants are listed on the prestigious Michelin and Gault Millau routes.

Polish Master Chef?

For over 15 years, we have been specialists in organizing culinary and oenological trips around the world. In recent years, one of the most frequently chosen activities during organized foreign incentive trips was the culinary and oenological topics. We are currently using our experience in Poland, offering thematic workshops with the use of Polish products. We will take your guests to the most interesting restaurants in the country; we will show that in Poland you can take a culinary walk around the city try street food. We organize professional wine tasting and other wine-related activities in Polish vineyards.

traditional cuisine

We invite you to cooking classes where you and your guests can network over gaining new skills- whilst making famous polish dumplings filled with sour cabbage and mushrooms, baking apple pie or a gingerbread.

We traveled across Poland in search of surprising places, we know where to take your guests to delight them with the taste of regional dishes. Nothing connects you like a meeting around the table whilst enjoying a meal.

modern cuisine

Nowadays Polish chefs successfully revive and refresh traditional Polish cuisine and create a new, surprising face. We will take you to the most interesting and modern restaurants in Poland.

Again you will be given an opportunity to build a relationship with your business partners and to get to know them better or just appreciate whilst interacting during cooking classes. We strongly believe in being eco, so our workshop’s motto is “zero waste” and rational food management. Not only you get to taste traditional polish flavors, but also we put emphasis on slow food.

Modern cuisine will also highlight any conference you decide to organize with us.

craft beer and wine trail

These days you don’t need to consider only Italy or France when it comes to visiting famous vineyards. The development of winemaking in Poland is experiencing its golden age, and local wines win gold medals at world trade fairs. The south and west of Poland are well-developed wine routes. Many national vineyards focus on modern enotourism. Professional tasting, oenological courses, meetings with a sommelier, tasting dinners with Polish wine, picnics in a vineyard or participation in Polish grape harvesting are just some of the activities we offer. We will choose a vineyard, a wine route that will perfectly match the needs of your event.

And do not worry if you and your Guest prefer beer over wine. We got it cover too!

We will take you to a craft brewery, you will follow the beer production with us, you will conduct professional workshops and tastings with us. Poland ranks 10th in the world and 3rd in Europe in terms of beer production, there are several hundred breweries operating, many of them have accommodation facilities, bars and restaurants. Set out with us on a journey along the golden drink route.


We are big when it comes to being ECO. We work with local manufacturers and suppliers. We focus on polish products and we support eco initiatives.

We propose a wise and valuable journey based on the principles of sustainable tourism. A very important part of it is supporting local artists, craftsmen and restorer, as well as a responsible and pro-ecological approach to the implementation of the program.

What do you get:

  • By organizing a meeting in Poland, you support local activities in an attractive place that does not differ from foreign competition.
  • Through the proposed visits to the region you will get to know: on the one hand, interesting people – enthusiasts and local artists, monuments and natural attractions, on the other hand, your team will get to know the region of business partners and customers, understand their needs and expectations better.

ECO gifts

We work with small local food producers, largely ecological. We offer regional products as gift packages for participants of the trip, for business partners. Unique, often niche and ecological products are available in our online store.

ECO workshop

You will learn how to make cosmetics out of natural ingredients and you bond with your colleagues. You get involve with local communities, it gives us the chance to support small trade and leave this experience with new skills. Creative and “hands on” workshop will make a valuable travel experience.

Eco Incentive Eco Travel

We implement modern, ecological solutions during incentive trips. We don’t print material, we offer you a smart phone tool you can easily download. We support initiatives to introduce a safe, filtered tap water for parties and events; ecological gifts; we focus on banquets with a “no waste food” approach.

The atmosphere is created
by people

We share our original idea, inviting you and your guests on a journey through Poland with the motto “Direction – Man”, the aim of which is, above all, to meet interesting people and discover the region by meeting them.

Poland certainly surprises with its diversity. You will meet exceptional people, full of passion, true ambassadors of their regions, who through their local activities can inspire and motivate, and share their knowledge and experience. Difficult to reach them, they often don’t have a website or social media. Workshops with the Master will be the cherry on the top. They all stand behind unique accommodation, fantastic restaurants and vineyards.

We follow the motto “man is the master of his own destiny”, so choose wisely what you do for a living and you will never be tired”. For year our focus was and still is on the team that follows their passion-within there are philologists, cultural scientists, ethnographers, engineers, graphic designers and economists. During our trips, we cooperate with passionate guides and tour leaders. We take care of the climate conducive to establishing and strengthening relationships and building positive emotions. We successfully integrate teams in unusual and surprising settings. We motivate by participating in interesting meetings and journeys.

Our idea for Poland is a perfect supplement for:

  • Your conference
  • Product promotion
  • Business meeting with Polish and foreign business partners
  • Incentive and training trip for employees

How does it work

  • Please fill out the contact form or call us.
  • We will contact you to discuss your preferences in regards to chosen region and selection of the attractions.
  • Tailored made program will be prepared for you to meet your company’s needs.
  • We will embark on an amazing journey together.

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